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Tsong Law Group has surrogacy lawyers, adoption, and egg donation and family law lawyers, licensed in California, Washington, New York, Arizona, Illinois and Oklahoma.

Our Vision

Our mission is to offer the most accessible and comprehensive services to our clients. We understand how strenuous navigating the legal institutions and the process in itself can be, allow us to help you facilitate your experience. If you need a surrogacy lawyer, an egg, sperm or embryo donation contract, help with an adoption, guardianship or other family law matter, we are there to guide you. Tsong Law Group, A.P.C. is prepared to help you minimize risks, seeking its clients satisfaction, while maintaining precision and professionalism throughout your experience.

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Ralph M. Tsong

Principal Attorney/Founder

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Japanese Client Support

Jeremiah copy.jpg

Jeremiah Acosta

Legal Assistant

Sabrina copy.jpg


Of Counsel

Rainie copy.jpg

Rainie Fang

Associate Attorney

Cindy copy.jpg

Cindy Phan


Mark copy.jpg


Of counsel

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