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Children’s Books on Gamete Donation

children's book for gamete donation

Previously, we reviewed four children’s books discussing surrogacy. Just as in surrogacy, children are interested in their origins. Having a conversation with donor-conceived children at an early age about their genetic origin can be beneficial in the long-term mindset. Children’s books on the subject of egg and sperm donation will provide age-appropriate ways to understand their origin.

Here are our reviews of some children’s books on gamete donation:

1. The Bird Family: An Egg Donation Story

children's book for gamete donation

By: Sofia Bird

For ages: Babies – 5 years old

Available on Kindle Unlimited and in print.

A short story of introduction to egg donation using birds and is a good first story to normalize the concept of egg donation. It features a Mama and Papa Bird wanting to have another baby bird, however, on their second attempt, their egg breaks. Thankfully, Doctor Owl was there to help. The book is surprisingly short and an older child might wonder what happens next.

2. Fluffy, The Miracle Bunny: A Sweet Story About The Magic of Egg Donation

children's book for gamete donation

By: Blossom Tailor

For ages: 4-8 years old.

Available on Kindle and in print.

A children’s book detailed illustrations, Fluffy, the Miracle Bunny features a story of Fluffy, a bunny who was conceived with the help of egg donation. The story commences when Fluffy was curious about how he was conceived but through a detailed explanation of his loving bunny parents, Fluffy was able to accept his unique story and realize how special and loved he is.

This book is fairly direct in explaining the egg donation and the pregnancy.

3. Toby’s Question

children's book for gamete donation

By: Elaine Cronjé

For ages: 2-7 years old.

Available on Kindle Unlimited and in print.

As children conceived through egg donation grow, they may notice differences in their features which may lead to curiosity about their origins. Toby’s Question is a simple children’s book that starts when Toby, a bear, asks why his hair is different from his Mommy and Daddy's hair. Rather than discuss eggs and sperm, this book uses the analogy of a basket of berries and basket of fish. This book is recommended if you want to impart to your children the concept of egg donation in a subtle and comfortable way. Unfortunately, the Kindle version of the book has a formatting issue so it cannot be viewed in landscape mode.

4. The Pea That Was Me: A Sperm Donation Story

children's book for gamete donation

By: Kimberly Kluger-Bell, LMFT

For ages: 5-6 years old.

Available in print only.

A simple and short story, The Pea That Was Me is available in multiple versions for almost any donor conception scenario (egg, sperm, embryo, surrogacy, different gender single parents, heterosexual or gay couples, etc.). It is a type of children’s book that explains donor conception in a fun and celebratory way. The basic The Pea That Was Me: A Sperm Donation Story book features a story of a little boy with a pea and leaf on his head and he is curious about how he was conceived. The story continues to explain that the Pea's mommy and daddy could not make a baby pea because daddy’s sperm was not working. This book is perfect for simple but clear concepts about the three things it takes to make a baby which are eggs, sperm and a tummy to grow in. It's great that the author chose to a book for nearly every situation so that any child can read about a family or situation that resembles their own.

There are many amazing children's books about gamete donation available in the market, enough to introduce the topic multiple times at an early age so that your child will come to think it is a normal way of having a family. For guidance on assisted reproductive law contact us, Tsong Law Group.


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