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Seedcoach’s Tips for Funding Your Surrogacy: Grants

surrogacy grants Seedcoach

If you are exploring ways to fund for surrogacy journey, surrogacy lawyers at Tsong Law Group can help with our complimentary financial coaching package through our Seedcoach programs. The costs associated with a surrogacy journey can be daunting since the medical, agency, and legal expenses can quickly add up. In another blog article, you can find out more details about our Seedcoach program. Here we will share Seedcoach’s tips for finding surrogacy grants to fund your journey.



The high cost of surrogacy can deter many. Fortunately, some intended parents who have experienced the costs of surrogacy have started grant foundations to help lower the financial barriers to family building. While these grants are highly competitive, they are worth looking into. Seedcoach advises you to start your search locally and to check IVF clinics for any special funding programs they offer. Notably, certain religious faiths, ethnicities, or particular occupations sometimes have grant programs. There are also broader programs that offer grant assistance for those pursuing surrogacy including: 

These grants can provide you with financial support starting from $10,000 all the way up to the entire cost of a journey. Even if there are many other applicants, you may have a story or background unique to you that will help in obtaining a grant. When you work with Seedcoach, you will have a personal finance coach who can help you with tips on grant writing, and what they see in successful grant winners. You can find more grants on the Resolve website.

Employer Benefits 


Another resource that is becoming more available is specific infertility workplace benefits. These benefits are provided by employers specifically for family building and reimbursements for eligible infertility expenses. Many employers have started to provide these benefits as more people are turning to surrogacy and other assisted reproduction procedures as options, but employees can ask for specific benefits if they are not already available. Working with HR to obtain employee benefits for surrogacy can go a long way to adding family-building benefits to any company.  Some people take on jobs specifically for the company’s infertility benefits. Seedcoach can advise about the availability of employee benefits and infertility/surrogacy coverage from employers that offer those benefits.


A surrogacy journey consists of many steps but budgeting and planning with Seedcoach as a resource will reduce financial stress.  Seedcoach offers one-on-one coaching to help identify grant organizations that might work for your family and guidance on how to look for or ask for employee benefits. 


To learn more about these resources and how you can access them, you may go directly here or contact the surrogacy lawyers of Tsong Law Group. 


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