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Choosing a Lawyer: What Matters Most?

surrogacy lawyer

Like finding the right agency, finding the right lawyer for your surrogacy or egg or gamete donation contract can feel overwhelming. One way some people search for attorneys is to find the lowest price attorney. We discourage this method because the choice of your attorney requires research and consideration of factors other than just price. For surrogacy, a successful journey usually lasts a year or longer. In addition, having the parentage confirmed for the intended parents is one of the most important things that happen. 

It’s also important to understand why ART attorneys’ rates vary and what are actual differences between lawyers. 

I. Find a specialist in fertility law

First, not all attorneys are specialists in the field. A non-specialist may charge less for their services, but you will lose out on possible expertise which matters when things don’t go as expected. An attorney in the practice of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) law should be part of many organizations to keep track of developments in the field of ART law. Tsong Law Group participates in many of these such as the American Bar Association ART Committee, ASRM, SEEDS. Ralph Tsong is also an ART fellow of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA) and the Academy of California Adoption and ART Lawyers (ACAL).  These academies have high standards for admission.  Ralph's affiliation as an AAAA fellow requires at least 5 years of practice, 50 ART or adoption cases, and a rigorous ethical review by the AAAA Board of Trustees. ACAL requires 100 ART cases and approval from the general membership.  Ralph Tsong has also spoken on ART law topics at many of these organizations, including the ABA, SEEDS, ACAL. 

II. Find a lawyer with years of experience

Second, look at experience. Experience comes from years of practice. Ralph Tsong has been an attorney for 25 years, having first been licensed to practice in Illinois in 1999 after graduating from University of Chicago Law School, a top 3 law school. We have a multi-state practice with Ralph Tsong being licensed in California, Arizona and Washington state on top of Illinois, with his associate being licensed in Oklahoma and New York.  

Attorneys are priced higher for their years of experience in the field. Years of experience in multiple fields also create a multi-layered practice. Ralph’s experience with employment law allows him to address employment issues such as paid or unpaid leave and job protection and trial experience means he won’t be out of his element in court. Years of experience also provide connections to other attorneys should other legal needs arise. Having experience in thousands of cases in many jurisdictions allows Ralph to lead a team at Tsong Law Group. 

III. Read Reviews and look at awards 

Finally, look for actual client reviews and feedback on platforms like Google and Yelp. Reviews provide insight how prior clients feel about working with a firm. This is important in the research process so you can know if a choice is a right fit. Firms with more reviews are often more reputable and well known. A positively reviewed firm will make the legal journey easy to comprehend and a smooth experience.  

Tsong Law Group is one of the best reviewed law firms for fertility law with over 75 five-star reviews and counting across our platforms. Many reviewers specifically tell us they will return for their next journey, and they do.We are never short of positive reviews because client satisfaction is so important to us. We value creating a bond with our clients during their journey where we work on their cases providing accessibility, transparency, and efficiency.  

Also check for attorney awards and distinctions. Ralph has been selected as a Super Lawyer by Thomson Reuter in 2023 and 2024 and his associate Rainie is a Rising Star of Super Lawyers for the same period. Super Lawyers has a selective process that formally recognizes lawyers by factoring in peer evaluations and 12 indicators of professional achievement and is a distinction only 5% of lawyers have received.



Selecting your surrogacy lawyer is a significant decision and shouldn’t be primarily a cost decision. We recommend you look at whether they are a certified specialist in the field, have the right background and experience, and have positive feedback and reviews from their clients. Contact TLG now to explore these considerations further and discover how we can be a trusted guide on your unique journey. In addition, intended parents can sign up with Seedcoach for free for financial guidance for the rest of their surrogacy journey. 


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