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Movie Review: Surrogate (2022)


The Halloween countdown has begun, and this tradition cannot be completed without a good horror film marathon. There are many great scary movies out there, but this time around, we're reaching for something less familiar in the horror film genre.

Released in 2022, the Australian paranormal horror film "Surrogate" stars KestieMorassi as Natalie, who plays a single mother and nurse. As a single parent, she heavily relies on her own mother, Anna, and her brother William to help raise their daughter, Rose. The movie begins with the family celebrating Rose's ninth birthday. After the celebration, the movie shows the routine between the two, where Natalie reassures her daughter that monsters are not real every time she's asked to check for them around her room.


Working as a nurse, Natalie had an unfortunate encounter that intensified the movie. While going home from her night shift, she came across a woman who appeared to be disturbed and had consumed toxic liquids. Natalie tried to revive her, but she couldn't. Natalie immediately started vomiting, as if she were pregnant. The symptoms continued to develop, and she woke up one day with blood from her waist down, as though she had given birth. When she was brought to the hospital, the agent from the Department of Child and Family Services and her doctor told her that she was pregnant and had done something terrible to the baby, even threatening her with criminal charges. Natalie argued that she had not given birth to a child and that it was not even possible for her to get pregnant. This explanation did not sit well with the doctors and the representative from the department. The stress even grew as her daughter Rose was affected by all the supernatural elements. Now the movie is on the journey to answer how Natalie became pregnant and where the supernatural elements were coming from.

How realistic is the portrayal of surrogacy including the legal aspects?

Despite the title, the movie is not really about surrogacy any more than Rosemary’s Baby can be considered a surrogacy movie. There is no contract between intended parents and Natalie, or any sort of parental rights being established. There are no supernatural lawyers in the movie either. The title "Surrogate" merely reflects the central theme of the movie.


Although surrogacy may not be the subject matter, the movie still delivered an impact and overall portrayed a well-told story that is worth watching. The movie is well executed and scored. If you're a wimp when it comes to horror, it won't scare or gross you out. There might be a jump scare but otherwise it's atmospheric and dreadful. The story also succeeded in incorporating mystery and thriller elements.

Overall, as an indie film, it stands out enough to be worth watching this Halloween. So, bust out the popcorn or some homemade Halloween snacks and get ready to watch this movie. "Surrogate" is currently available on Amazon Video, Tubi, and Google TV.

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